Securing Employment in the Digital Age


Securing Employment in the Digital Age.

The search for and organization of online resources is today more time- and energy-consuming than ever. For many, time spent job searching on the internet can thus become wasted time, or may even be counter-productive.

Although people’s awareness and knowledge may grow and develop naturally through the net, the process of research, selection, validation and organization of information requires specific skills – skills which, as research on young “digital natives” shows, may be completely lacking even in the most avid users of the technology,

What to Expect

We offer short seminars on Active Job Searching techniques, structured in 4 modules: Resume + Cover Letters, Job interview, Job search online and searching techniques. We also work in a more interactive way with each client (e.g. dealing with your doubts or going over your self-presentation documents and strategies together).
Our program is based on seven main strategic skills:
1. retrieving information
2. evaluating information
3. analyzing information
4. organizing information
5. collaborating around information
6. presenting information
7. securing information
These abilities do not develop on their own, nor do they depend on mere understanding of the functions of internet technologies. Rather, they are strategic abilities that must be adequately taught and developed.

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